WILD Symbols In Online Slots

For people unfamiliar with online slots and online casino games in general , a term WILD may seem like a mystery. You should know that WILDs have existed since the beginning of slots. Basically, the role of these elements is exactly the role of the joker in the card game. The joker itself is a “wild card”.

These WILD symbols have the ability to replace any other symbol on the reels in order to form a payline. For example, if you caught two identical symbols on reels 1 and 2, if you have the chance to catch a WILD on reel 3, you automatically realized a winning combination.

Why are there WILD symbols?

In principle, the existence of WILD symbols energizes and makes the game much more interesting, while also helping the player to win more easily. These symbols, as already mentioned, can replace almost any other symbol in the basic game. Their goal is to establish a payline, from which you can win. You can be sure that in our vampire’s casino it will rain with such symbols.

The scatter will reward you, no matter where it appears, while the bonus symbol will also be very useful, usually when you catch three such symbols the beloved round of free spins will be triggered .

Each game benefits from its own Wild symbol, which in most cases is chosen according to the theme and graphics of the game. E.g. The beloved Starburst game has as a symbol a multicolored star, while another game very appreciated by rockers and not only, Guns N ‘Roses , has as Wild the band’s game.

In some online slots, the Wild symbol only appears on certain reels, such as reel 1, 3, or 5, and on others it may only appear on even reels, such as 2 and 4. It is essential to take a look at the rules of the game. , to know exactly what to expect.Mechanic’s advice, coming from Lucian.

Types of wild symbols in online slots

Just as there are games with different designs and mechanics, so there are different types of wild symbols. Besides all the aspects that I pointed out above, you must know that at the games you will have a lot of special wilds, meant to bring a unique contribution to each slot.

And in the case of these special symbols, it is good to check in advance, in order to make the most of the opportunities offered by them.

Wild Multiplier symbol

It’s a nice feeling to know that you won, even though the calculations were losing. Why stay only with that gain and not multiply it?

Well, here comes the Multiplier symbol, which is a type of Wild that does just that. Not only will it replace any standard symbol, but it gives you a chance to increase your winnings. Yes, you heard right. There are slots where with the help of such a symbol you can double your winnings. In the case of other games, there is a chance that several symbols of this type will appear simultaneously, and the beauty is that they will not cancel each other, but will merge, so that you get unforgettable winnings.

Simbolurile Stacked Wild

Another element thought by the engineers who screwed up the games present in the mysterious vampire casino, are stacked wilds. A formation of this type appears in the stack, comprising a stack of at least two, three or even more wild symbols stacked on top of each other. There are some online slots where these types of symbols appear only in bonus rounds, while in others, they can appear at any time. It is good to inform yourself in advance about this aspect.

Simbolurile Expanding Wild

This type of wild symbol is very similar to the one presented above. If a certain slot benefits from this feature, well, when the expanding wild appears, the entire reel will be covered by these symbols, from top to bottom. This type of Wild is even better than the Stacked one, because as a volume, almost every time, the expanding will cover a larger volume.

Given the fact that when you land on rollers, it makes a vertical “ruin” in a positive direction, covering the roll, your winnings will increase as you do not expect.

Simbolurile Trailing Wild

Mechanically, Lucian said, this type of Wild differs somewhat from the two previously presented. The easiest way to explain what this Wild does is compare to cloning.

When a wild of this type appears on the reels, this symbol will create a clone and will remain fixed in position, so that it will be present in the next rotation, but with a lower position on the reel. The really cool part of this type of wild is that this series continues, until the wild reaches the lowest position. Trailing Wild drains onto the reels of the game, just as casino prizes will flow to your pocket.

Sticky Wilds

The last type of Wild that we present in this guide is really sticky and is called “sticky”. This type of wild is similar in concept to the Trailing type, the only difference is that this time, the symbol will remain firmly in position and will not “flow” on the rollers.

Usually, this type of Wild appears in bonus games, where it remains firmly in position throughout the free spins , ensuring increased chances of winning.

This would be the story of the Wild symbols in the vampire casino. I hoped I was somewhat concise. Don’t forget to check out the Casino Guides section , where we frequently add materials meant to explain the basic concepts in this area.

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